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Jared, Market & Retail Shop Owner

Capital Payment’s flat-rate program is amazing.  We have cut our bill down by 81.6% and our customers have completely understood the reason for the convenience fee.  As a small business owner, this program has truly done more for us in a short period of time that we have been on it than I could have ever imagined.  If I could give any small-medium size business owner out there advice it would be to STOP being scared about this program and embrace it.  Each day that you shy away from it is another day wasted paying the major credit card issuers hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Call Bryce and his team today!

Lisa, Coffee Shop Owner

I would highly recommend this company for credit card processing services.  In an industry dominated by sleazy operators and a lack of transparency, these guys are a breath of fresh air – honest and upfront in all their communications, and genuinely committed to providing superior customer service and finding the right solution for each individual client.  I have been working with them for over a month now on implementing a new payment processing system and we have had some glitches and issues to resolve, probably more than average – but Bryce has been unfailingly patient, polite, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to solve every issue that has come up.  Truly a pleasure to do business with!

Lan, Mini Mart Owner

Capital Payment, Inc. is absolutely amazing.  When it comes to customer service. I wish there was a 10- star option.  They also got me qualified for their flat-rate program.  I now pay only 15% of what I did prior to switching to them. The program was a little scary at first but my customers have completely understood and it has saved us thousands of dollars per year.  Make the right choice and go with Capital Payments, Inc.

Randy, Restaurant Owner

We were with the same credit card processor for 16 years and thought we were getting the BEST deal possible.  It took BRYCE and his team a long time to convince me to apply for their flat-rate program.  However, I must say I have never been happier in my entire life.  Not only are we receiving A+ customer support, we are also saving thousands of dollars per month! Team up with Capital Payments, Inc.

Fernando, Restaurant Owner

I opened my restaurant in January 2016.  Since that time, I went through three (3) credit card providers before settling on the fourth, Capital Payments, which provides me the level of service and support I expect.  For the record, I am an MBA; I have been controller and CFO of large corporations; I am a “pain in the ****” to please.

Michelle, Restaurant Owner

If you are reading this and you are not signed up with Capital Payments on their 0% program then Call Bryce (Capital Payments Representative) and get signed up right away.  During these times it has been crazy for every business especially in the restaurant industry.  Not only staying afloat but being able to save every penny possible right now is needed.  Bryce was not only nice and caring but he gave faith the 0% program would be a lifesaver. He was right! My customers are so thankful just to be able to sit down and eat.  They gladly paid the convenience fee, in fact, they embraced it.  I am so thankful for Bryce and his team! I will recommend him and Capital Payments to all of my friend and surrounding businesses.

Constance, Drive Through Beer Barn Owner

If you are a business owner, I know you can relate to getting hundreds of high-pressure annoying phone calls from credit card processing companies always telling you they can save you money.  You believe them and make the switch and BAM turns out another one lied and you’re either paying the same or paying way more. Well, if you would like to have confidence in no longer taking those phone calls and making one final switch for good, then team up with Capital Payments, Inc.  This program has not only saved me thousands of dollars but also has shown me that there is at least one honest and caring merchant service provider in that industry.

Norm, Resort / Hotel Owner

A++++ Customer Service, Awesome contactless payment options, and their 0% processing program are wonderful.  If you’re not signed up with Capital, then stop what you’re doing and get signed up today!

Michael, Cafe Owner

Capital Payments made our transition from our old *** company over to them seamless. Bryce was so very helpful.  We are happy we switched to Capital Payments.  We have had several offers and one beat their rate.

Jared, Bike Shop owner in Oregon

Capital Payments and Bryce Rock! A+ Service, A+ Equipment, and savings like none other. I cut my bill by 92.5% UNREAL! Capital Payments is the ONLY WAY TO GO!

Brian, Electrical Owner

Capital Payments has helped us tremendously.  We were keying in all our transactions over the phone into an old terminal and paying outrageous fees.  We now have mobile units for all 19 of our drivers and pay $100 per month, that’s it!.  Highly recommend Bryce & his team.

Kathryn, Restaurant owner in Colorado

Capital Payments Team is beyond outstanding. Their customer support and the way they have treated us since the first phone call is unlike anything my husband or I have experienced in dealing with companies in their industry. Every time we have ever needed anything we are greeted with kindness and the willingness to help regardless of how big or small the issue or question is. We plan on being with Capital Payments until we retire and will recommend them to anyone out there we may come across.

Tina, Café & Bar Owner in Texas

Bryce and Capital Payments was recommended to us by a friend and we were told they not only were helpful and honest but had the best pricing in the industry. They have not only delivered but have far surpassed any and all expectations we had. We have never accepted credit cards before and trying to figure out who to choose out of the hundreds of options was getting to be tiresome and they all sounded like they worked with each other. Very thankful for our friends and for Capital Payments.  

We offer 24/7/365 U.S. based customer service while being able to talk to us live with little to no hold times

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